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Happy to announce the second issue of my Mausritter zine Thistle Kingdom!

This winter issue contains:

  • An adventure: take the young mice in the Nature Patrol on a camping trip! What could go wrong?
  • A ready to go hex-crawl map.
  • The heavy armored infantry landsknechts.

Check it out on itch.io.

The updated Mausritter rulebook comes with an adventure location called Stumpville.

I ran it as a one-off with some friends and here are some of my notes on how I packaged it into a three hour game.

The set-up

It’s the middle of winter, its icy cold but no snow has fallen yet.

Player characters are stranded in Oaksgrove when their caravan leaves without them. They were sleeping in after a night of heavy carousing on town. They are without money and need to earn some urgently if they want to avoid winding up on the street. But they’re in luck:

Agnes Butterball head of the merchant guild announces, standing on a barrel in the middle of the square, that the yearly Yule Cheese market is cancelled because the cheese has not showed up yet! She offers 500 pips to the one who can bring back the cheese to Oaksgrove (30 pip up front max). She suspects it has been caught up somewhere on the route from Stumpville.

As you know I very much enjoy the Sword-and-whiskers role-playing game Mausritter.

Recently Isaac Williams together with Games Omnivorous released a physical box of the game (that used to be PDF only for a long time).

I just got the box in the mail so let’s have a quick look at it together!

I am happy to present something I have been working on for a while: my first tabletop roleplaying zine!

Here I’ll list the different adventures we have run in our OSR and Mausritter campaign.

Our OSR campaign.

  1. Winters Daughter - acquired the magic sword, set free the ghost.
  2. Please go to sleep, Arthur Cobbleworth - murdered the parrot. Recruited a clerk to the group.
  3. Homemade dungeon crawl of local Barrow - minor loot, had to tactically retreat.
  4. Oh no, Toads! - save the village, killed the Toad King.
  5. The curse of Buckthorn Valley - managed to get the evil chalice out of the water supply
  6. Dolmenwood: Arriving in Lanskshorn - inherited house and an old dog in Lankshorn.
  7. Dolmenwood: The House of Merridwyn Scymes - Ongoing…

Mausritter seem to inspire a lot of crafts. These tokens we drew for our characters.

Character tokens for Mausritter

Character tokens for Mausritter

Hand drawn mice (color copied and printed) on white paper, we wrapped them around cardboard and then used some plastic stand from a board game we own.

Been on the lookout for some good models, if you know of any let me know

Aug 22, 2020

Expanding on the Mausritter bank-lore. The banking system is only mentioned very briefly in the rulebook so I am fleshing it out.

Map of the bank Copper Oak Deposits.

Mausritter - Sword-and-whiskers role playing

Mausritter - Sword-and-whiskers role playing

- The Faery Queen requires your assistance in removing a dragon plight on her land! She need able bodied mice to go scout out the whereabouts of the dragon lair and its defenses. Will you step up to the task? Yes? Then first seek out the blind oracle, only he will be able to tell you how to locate the lair of this terrible fire breathing drake.

Download the adventure here

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