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The adventures we've run with my five year old son

Sep 07, 2020

Here I’ll list the different adventures we have run in our OSR and Mausritter campaign.

Our OSR campaign.

  1. Winters Daughter - acquired the magic sword, set free the ghost.
  2. Please go to sleep, Arthur Cobbleworth - murdered the parrot. Recruited a clerk to the group.
  3. Homemade dungeon crawl of local Barrow - minor loot, had to tactically retreat.
  4. Oh no, Toads! - save the village, killed the Toad King.
  5. The curse of Buckthorn Valley - managed to get the evil chalice out of the water supply
  6. Dolmenwood: Arriving in Lanskshorn - inherited house and an old dog in Lankshorn.
  7. Dolmenwood: The House of Merridwyn Scymes - Ongoing…

Our Mausritter campaing.

  1. Honey in the Rafters - got just a few seeds, sold it to an Owl mage.
  2. The dragon hunt - murdered the dragon during the night utilizing stealth. Upset the Salamander king.