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Mausritter Banks

Aug 22, 2020

Expanding on the Mausritter bank-lore. The banking system is only mentioned very briefly in the rulebook so I am fleshing it out.

Map of the bank Copper Oak Deposits.

Update: This has been included and expanded in my new Mausritter Zine Thistle Kingdom. Get it here for free

Copper Oak Deposits is built into a cliff, so the whole bank lies underground. There is only one door in- and out of the bank.

Clerk mouse welcoming customers

Clerk mouse welcoming customers

First level Reception and only entrance. 1d4 bank clerks are working. Door from main reception room and the stalls leads to a corridor connecting to the stairs and restrooms.

Second level Offices. Bank director August Butterball resides in one of them. The guards common room and quarters are also on this level. During night 3 guards sleep here and one patrol. During day 1d3 guards can be found in common room. A ventilation shaft leads down to this level from the surface, it’s barred with iron bars.

Third level The vault. Smells of steel and order. Here are pips and possessions stored in individual bank safes. A single guard and one clerk is stationed here during bank hours. Torches on the wall and oil lamps light this room. The room see a lot of traffic during banking hours.

Forth level Treasure room. This room is for larger things that will not fit in the safety deposit boxes. Also magical items that the bank fear is a liability to store close to pips gets put down here. Sometimes very rare old cheeses get brought down here due to the smell. The room is generally not lit.

1d4 Rumors

  1. The Cheese of the Pharaoh has recently been placed in the treasure room. Ever since the guards report hearing footsteps but find nothing when searching.
  2. One of the bank clerks has come over hard times and sell information about the bank security procedure down at the inn.
  3. A rare sentient magic sword has been put in the vault, it feels very very lonely.
  4. A gang of specialized rat bank robbers plan a hit on the Copper Oak Deposits

Adventure idea: Bank heist.

Maybe the rat-gang force you. Maybe it’s a sentient sword rescue operation. Maybe you have a craving for ancient cheese. Either way, get scheming!