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Mausritter Adventure: The Dragon Hunt

Aug 17, 2020
Mausritter - Sword-and-whiskers role playing

Mausritter - Sword-and-whiskers role playing

- The Faery Queen requires your assistance in removing a dragon plight on her land! She need able bodied mice to go scout out the whereabouts of the dragon lair and its defenses. Will you step up to the task? Yes? Then first seek out the blind oracle, only he will be able to tell you how to locate the lair of this terrible fire breathing drake.

Download the adventure here

I found Mausritter when I was out hunting for rule light roleplaying games that would be quick to pick up and play with my (soon to be) five year old son. We fell in love with it immediately.

As we are have a dragons theme right now with schooling, I thought it fitting to write an adventure involving an old Lindworm.

Download it here