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Vendel Period Roleplaying Adventure

Feb 04, 2022

My own Old School Adventure set in the Scandinavian Vendel period!

Design to be run with Old School Essentials but should work fine with whatever classic B/X clone you like!

Get the PDF on my Itch.io page or print on DriveThruRPG

This has been brewing for a long while and I am finally happy to share it with you.

When Winter Came To Skedemosse

It is a sandbox styled adventure centering around one six mile hex on the baltic island of Öland (by the sacred bog Skedemosse).

Suitable for 1st to 2nd level characters.

It is 42 pages long and contain a mini dungeon, several locations, intrigue, NPCs and suggestions for how to make Old School Essentials feel more like Iron-Age Scandinavia.

The setting is a “low-fantasy historical” setting. Trying to mimic not how the Scandinavian Iron-Age really was, but rather how the world might have been perceived at the time:

  • The gods were real
  • There were things, sentient things, hiding in the wood, in the ancient barrows, in the mountains and under the waves
  • Runes held real power
  • Your ancestors did conspire to protect you

Cover art by David Seymore and cartography by Niklas Wistedt (Paths Particular).


Download a PDF preview of the first 13 pages here.

Download, preview and print available on DriveThruRPG