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Barrow's Green - location for an OSR adventure

Aug 26, 2020

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Barrow’s Green is a massive stretch of of green hilly plains north of the Gray Lake. On these plains a small outpost is located that goes by the same name, the Barrow’s Green Outpost. The plains are named after the many ancient barrows that cover the landscape.

It’s a very rural area with small population of farmers, hunters and homesteaders.

It stands under the protection of the noble house Oldwode and they, lead by the young Baron Nicholai, operate the keep and marketplace in Barrow’s Green Outpost.

  1. The outpost is surrounded by a protective wall.
    • About three meters high and made of stone.
    • Locks at sunset (only way to get in after is to wake the posted guard, they are not happy about it).
    • One gate to the southwest and one to the northeast.
    • Tents are often pitched outside the gates housing traveling merchants that do not wish, or can afford, to stay at the inn.
  2. The Marketplace is located in the center of the outpost.
    • Open daily
    • New vendors every day. Roll 4d12: (1-7 local sellers 8-12 traveling salesmen) 1. Farmer (meats, flour, fruits, furs, crafts) 2. Potter 3. Herbalist 4. Weaver 5. Basket maker 6. Fisherman from Gray Lakes 7. Woodcarver 8. Rare books and maps 9. Silks and imported fabrics 10. Weapons 11. Jewler 12. Toymaker
    • Only market in the area (by decree from Nicholai).
    • Sales are taxed.
  3. This residential building houses several families. The priest and some of the higher ranking guards live here with their families.
  4. Residential building where the workers from the church and some craftsmen live.
  5. Small hut where village wise-woman and acting healer live.
  6. Communal outhouse and roof covered work shed.
  7. The The Happy Wight, local inn and tavern.
    • The guards from the keep spend their money and time off here. Drinking, eating, singing & sometimes gambling.
    • Lower floor houses bakery, kitchen and tavern. Top floor houses the innkeepers family and the rooms for hire.
  8. Alderman Tarfall Holder’s longhouse is the oldest house in the settlement and predates the keep. The Alderman Holder owns a lot of land in the region but lives here in the outpost with his family. He acts as the judge and arbiter in the surrounding community and people travel here to put forth their cases infront of him.
  9. Church beautiful stone church built at the same time the keep was constructed
  10. The well provide the town with drinking water (there is another in the keeps cellar). Natural spot for gossiping with locals.
  11. The stables housing the horses belonging to the town guard and visiting guests. Part of the house is residential and house the stable-boys.
  12. The the blacksmith, supply the outpost with all their blacksmithing needs. Repairs of weapons, tools and other bits and bobs. Expensive but talented.
  13. The Keep is the Oldwode family’s main guarantee to power in the region.
    • Taxes are collected and stored in the keep.
    • Houses twelve guards, at any point. Led by the respected Captain of the Guards: Richard The Brave.
    • Has a well and kitchen in basement.
    • Has two cells to hold potential prisoners, they are very seldom used.
    • Nicholai has a room here that he uses during his hunting trips, however he is rarely present in the outpost and prefer spending his time at his country estate.
    • Quarters the servants, chefs and craftsmen needed for its upkeep.