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The Eaves of Dolmenwood campaign log

Jan 16, 2021

Short summary of each session in a Dolmenwood campaign I am running with my friends over Discord/FoundryVTT.

Mainly for the party to keep track of the main events and who played in what.

We run it drop-in/drop-out campaign letting people join as it fits their schedule.

We run Old-school Essentials (B/X) with these house-rules.


  • Oswold Grumel (Fredrik) - Specialist (level 3) from High-Hankle. A talented man with sticky fingers.
  • Thegild Payne (Kent-Inge) - Hunter (level 2) from the east, beyond Castle Brackenwold. Owner of the dog Hund. Former soldier.
  • Wolfgar Guégan (Jonas) - Fighter (level 2) from the east, beyond Castle Branckenwold. Former soldier.
  • Brother Ruprecth Malodorus (Daniel) - Friar (level 2) in the Order of a Saint dedicated to chastity and dirt.
  • Euron the Magificent (Oliver) - Magic-user (level 2) and street performer from High-Hankle.
  • Lodwig “Kerk” Malodorus (Hugo) - Figher (level 1) from High-Hankle. Brother to Ruprecht. Owner of hound Old-Vulgar.
  • Irun “Råskit” Rohkit (Ola) - Fighter (level 1) from High-Hankle. Drug addict, good friend of Kerk.

Session 1 - Come friendly adventurers and fall on Lankshorn

  • The brothers Ruprecht & Lodwig “Kerk” Malodorus inherits an old cabin at the edge of Lanshorn. They bring three adventure hungry friends along and head out from High-Hankle to claim their inheritance. The property also come with a huge dog named Old Vulgar that has been harassing the town since the passing of their relative. After a rain soaked two-day march they arrive in town and experience the goatyness of the town for the first time.
  • The cabin has been tossed and the door stands ajar as they arrive. They do however find some papers proving them rightful inheritors of Brigford the Wise, brother of famous hero Sir Chyde. They find map that leads to the family crypt inside of Dolmenwood.
  • Next armored goatmen arrive and explain they have inherited more than they bargained for. Their relative had a major debt with the local goat aristocrat Lord Malbleat. The older brother Ruprecht pay a small sum towards the debt and the collectors leave… for now.
  • The group quickly make it into town and shop for travel supplies.
  • Players: Hugo, Fredrik, Ola, Oliver, Daniel

Session 2 - Winter’s Daughter - part 1

  • The group head north for the tomb of Sir Chyde. Avoiding a slave transport led by goatmen they arrive at the tomb at next morning.
  • A ritual is taking place by two Drune magicians and a willing sacrifice. Using magic Euron puts them all to sleep and they tie up the Drune but force the willing victim, Briar-Anne, to follow them down into the tomb.
  • The tomb is guarded by animated holy symbols that kill Briar-Anne and wound the adventurers.
  • Attacked by acidic worms, but they are quickly dealt with.
  • Meet flying skeletons dancing in the tomb. They object to grave robbery so Kerk smashes the bones of his relatives. Old Vulgar partakes in fight and a magical incident makes him float in the air like a balloon.
  • Players: Hugo, Fredrik, Oliver, Daniel

Session 3 - Winter’s Daughter - part 2

  • The door to Sir Chyde’s resting place is guarded by to magical stone hounds. The only way to stop them is to call their names. Searching the tomb the names are soon located.
  • As they enter the tomb they meet the ghost of Sir Chyde, asking their help to return his ring to his wife-to-be in Fairy, and thus reuniting the lovers finally. The party agrees and travel down into the basement of the dungeon to enter fariy through the warded portal.
  • As they pass through the portal they come to a snowy clearing in which there is a solemn white marble tower.
  • Knocking of the door of the tower they are met with a troll and a goblin who won’t let them in unless they eat magic mushrooms. They do so and it makes them puke maggots, turn invisible and get extreme hair growth.
  • Inside there is a wedding party ongoing. They steal some food from the party and Euron and Wolfgar partakes in some food which makes them ever want to return to fairy for more.
  • They meet Princess Snowfall-at-Dusk and return the ring to her. Sir Chyde appears in the arms of his love.
  • The adventurers get rewarded with ice-jewels of great value and return back to Dolmenwood before the portal begins to seal.
  • Returning they find they have been gone for several days, the Drunes been killed by the wild beasts of the forest as they have been tied to the stones outside. The party steals their valuables and hide their bodies in the tomb.
  • Before leaving the brothers claim Sir Chyde’s magical sword.
  • They return to Lankshorn with great wealth and loot.
  • Players: Fredrik, Oliver, Kent-Inge, Jonas

Session 4 - Not Safe for Wizards - part 1

  • Lord Barrathwaite asks Euron, Wolfgar & Thegild to investigate problems at the home of Merridwyn Scymes, a vivimancer (flesh-wizard) he has employed for spell research.
  • Traveling, the group chance upon an alleged witch about to get burned at the stake by a group of short-horned goatmen. The adventurers hobo-murder the goatmen and set the witch free, making a new friend. However some goatmen escape towards the manse of Lord Malbleat.
  • Arriving at the cottage of Merridwyn they find that the wizards has accidentally split himself into three parts (skeleton, viscera + muscles and skin). The wizard asks for help to locate his skin that has taken a murderous bent and killed his wife and is now stalking the forrest.
  • Players: Oliver, Jonas, Kent-Inge

Session 5 - Not Safe for Wizards - part 2

  • Tracking Merridwyn murderous skin the adventurers travels north, arriving close to Hag’s Addle and the swamplands. They chance upon a Drune interacting with some Boggins. Battle is avoided by quick retreat.
  • They come upon a farm-turned-inn called the Soldier’s Rest. They meet some traveling Drune hunters, and a small family of five. Griswold, the owner, lets the adventurers know that something bad will happen if the family is found by the chruch. They accept some money to keep quiet about it. They drink a nice black barmed ale from The Abbey of St. Christopher.
  • Soldiers of the Chruch of the One True Good arrive during the night looking for a deserter. The adventurers stand by as the family gets slaughtered and the three kids are lead away into the night. The owner and his family also get lead off into the night.
  • Our heros takes the opportunity to steal the families possessions and looting the inn for edibles and drink.
  • The next they they track down the skinn that has just killed an albino stag. After a close call, where the hound Hund almost dies, they manage to trap the skinn and take it back to the Vivmancer. Wrapping it up like a parchment around an old torch. They are payed with gold and mushrooms.
  • They return to Lankshorn, after talking to some Moss Dwarves. They get payed by Lord Barrathwaite who seem happy with the result.
  • Players: Oliver, Jonas, Kent-Inge, Fredrik

Session 6 - Don’t you, forgoat about me

  • Ruprecht Maldorus gets an invite to the Lord Malbleat for tea (and to settle his debt with the Lord)
  • Ruprecht brings with him Wolfgar, Thegild and their new friend Oblom (a moss dwarf)
  • At the Manse of Lord Malbleat they settle the debt and have some tea
  • They notice two things: Lord Malbleat has married the daughter of the Lord of Lankshorn (Bronwyn, one among 7 wives). He is also in possession of Ruprechts relative Gruwth Harper Jr, a ten year old boy
  • They all get invited on a pleasure trip the following morning, which they accept. Malbleat insist they spend the night
  • During heavy rainfall in the night they flee the manse climbing out the window and over the walls using grappling hooks and rope. Leaving the child to his destiny. 90 gold poorer
  • They manage to avoid Goatmen on horses coming after them in pursuit
  • They encounter a Wronguncle (a living mushroom with the soul of a dead human) that ask them to help him back to Lankshorn. They invite him along, and as they arrive in the village the mushroom starts beating a woman unconscious in a small cottage by the edge of town. They save her in last second by overpowering the mushroom and giving the woman a health potion
  • The Wronguncle is brought to the cemetery where the village priest Father Eggwin Dobey help preform the last rights and burn the mushroom alive
  • Players: Daniel, Kent-Inge, Jonas

Session 7 - Gnyðja mundu grísir ef galtar hag vissi

  • After a nights rest rest at the inn they find a note attached with a knife to the door of their cabin “The boy will be released in two days by the Baffle Stones - L.M”
  • Party travels north to intervene, reaching Lake Longmere by nightfall. Finding shelter with a fisherman who promises to take them across to the shore near the Baffle Stones the following day
  • Early next morning they take the fishermans boat traveling through mist along the coast northward, passing Hag’s Addle. The trip is mostly uneventful except the boat sprining a leak that needs to be emergency patched, getting all equipment wet
  • They hear a violin playing and they bribe the scared fisherman to go closer to shore. There they meet a jovial unicorn named Farthingy who offer them shelter should they seek it. They decline and part of friendly terms.
  • They make shore near the baffle stone and scout the coastline for Lord Malbleat’s ships. They soon find two large pleasure yacht under guard by three goatmen. They murdering two of the guards and interrogate and then murder the third. After this they loot the dead, steal some food and light the ships on fire as they push them out on the lake with the dead goatman bodies
  • The smoke from the burning ships soon attract a group of goatmen soldiers lead by a long-horned aristocrat. Adventurers hide and follow a single guard back to a small encampment
  • The encampment is set up with some small pavilions and a small fence towards the wood, marking out a border, draped with colorful flags
  • The adventurers light the pavilions on fire, and in the ensuing chaos push north passing the fence
  • Passing the marked line they all sense a magical urge to stay in this place, without eating or sleeping, just moving closer to the mysterious Baffle Stones (only Wolfgar resist this magical effect)
  • Thegild and Hund tracking the small Boy Gruwth Harper Jr northwards soon stumble upon some walking dead. They stealthily track them until they arrive at a tree where the boy is hiding
  • After some near death experiences for the Friar Ruprecht and the hound Hund they manage to disburse the formerly living and save the boy
  • Using a tonic from the Lankshorn apothecary, called Alchemical Tonic, Wolfgar manage to rouse Thegild and Ruprecht from the magical pull to the stones. Only Oswald still wanting to stay, the rest of the troop overpower him and bind him, dragging him towards the shore of Lake Longmere. They arrive just as the sun has set & they start making a stealthy camp
  • Players: Daniel, Kent-Inge, Jonas, Fredrik

Session 8 - Far from any road

  • Waking up by Lake Longmere they realize that they have to push South to randevous with the fisherman who is waiting to pick them up. However this would take them through Lord Malbleats camp, so they instead opt North towards the Sweeny Road and plan to head from there for the city of Prigswort
  • They meet a Scrabey, named Todd, on their way up. He is busy repairing a collapsed cave entrance. They engage in some trade and buy some pipeweed, a pipe and a set of ornamental carvings
  • They break from following Sinkhole Creek when Hund indicates a scent approaching. Hiding in the wood they see that there was a pack of wolves tracking them. The pack is lead by a big black wolf. They stay hidden as the wolves pass
  • Finally reaching the road they soon happen upon the stairs leading to the ruined Abbey of St Clewd. The Friar Ruprecht feels its is his duty to make a quick stop and say his prayers
  • They survey the grounds of the old abbey and start by heading towards the Mausoleum
  • In the Mausoleum they encounter a Scryke. It is asking for the teeth of Archimandrite Heccandedicon, which have been stolen from his gave. They also trade the newly purchased wooden art for some information from the Scryke. He informs them that the fall of the Abbey was triggered from a ritual in the crypt
  • They notice that graves in the graveyard have been recently dug and tracks lead back to the bell tower
  • Inside the ruined abbey they pray at the old altar and enjoy the mosaics portraying the virtuous life of St Clewd. They also find a path into the basement. With massive effort they manage to push away the stone slabs barring the entrance
  • Lighting torches they decent into the old crypt. Inside they find an underwater stream in which living stone cherubs and gargoyles play. As they make some noice they are jumped by three wights (arisen monks of high status). A hard battle is fought (power drain variant from Knock!: draining CON instead of level) but victory is finally secured when two weights are slain and the third turned by the friar
  • They open a door to an adjoining room and find it filled with skulls scattered between twisted muscles and exposed nerve threads
  • Noticing a band of fallen soldiers and clerics lying dead at the bottom of a pool in the room they use their grappling hook to fish out some of the bodies. They find a magical silver mace that makes the wielder cry tears of holy water
  • Players: Daniel, Kent-Inge, Jonas

Session 9 - The Abbey Of St Clewd

  • After finding some treasure in the bottom of the pool the party press on exploring the crypt
  • Exploring the tomb they find a flooded room with a locked stone slab door. A cow-headed beast rises from the water and the adventurers retreat
  • The search continues and reveals a cistern at the bottom of a well far south. A massive catfish agitatedly swim around in the tank
  • Suddenly sounds transform into liturgic prayers and chants. Whispers are heard instead of footsteps
  • Breaking through some barricaded doors they encounter some very old monks, after failing to communicate with them, they decide to break in by force knocking two of them unconscious
  • Finding a room filled with monks the adventurers surrender their weapon and meet the Abbot Lummingwyll
  • The abbot does not trust them enough to let them leave but will allow them to roam the crypt freely until he feels they have gained his trust and can be made part of the Order of the Wardens. They are barred from going through the western doors or the guarded door leading to St Clewds tomb
  • The adventurers rest up for a few days while exploring the eastern crypts
  • They encounter a group of monks smoking psychedelics in the storage room. The monks are part of a group called the Cardites and believe that they have fulfilled their service to the Saint Clewd by passing away once
  • Wolfgar smokes some psychedelics and get an out of body experience where his soul detaches from his body. He travels across the crypt looking into the Tomb of St Clewd (finding a caged misshapen man taunted by shadows), he also locates the abandoned weapons in the Abbots quarters and finds a secret door leading to the library
  • Utilizing the information the group schemes with the Cardites but eventually decide just to start a distracting fire and grab the weapons (and some valuable books) and go (i.e the Default Plan). Having some experience pyromantic escapes they execute the plan successfully, eventually getting back in the western crypt
  • Quickly the group confirms that the exits to the crypt are warded and head for the western most room in the crypt
  • In the room over a pool of water, space is wrong. Swirling mass of a dimensional hole pulsates in the air. Suddenly they get pulled towards the rift and find themselves teleported to the room containing the skulls and muscles. They return up the other stair on the other side of the mass, but once again are teleported back into the eastern crypt
  • They break down the door again breaking back out into the western crypt
  • Players: Kent-Inge, Jonas