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A video where I talk about the thief skills in OSR games and why I think Lamentations of the Flame Princess does it best.

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Edit on Mars 5: Got some good feedback after this video. My favorite is: Use monster listen checks, when a normal classed character (or a thief that fail their move silently roll) move the monsters get a listen check. If a thief succeed with their move silently check i.e move silently then do not allow a roll.

I will be implementing this in my home game.

I’ve written before concerning the house rules I use when I play with my son.

I am also running a Dolmenwood campaign right now and here are the house rules we run with.

  1. The first one is inspired by the house rule I have when playing with my kid: Crits! (They’re fun) We will be using the crit and fumble tables from Dungeon Crawl Classics

  2. (LotFP inspired) Knocked out on 0 HP. Death on -3 in 1d10 rounds no saves. Death instantaneous on -4.

  3. Acending Armour Class.

  4. (LotFP inspired) Heal 1 HP for nights rest, 1d3 for days rest.

  5. Shields Shall be Splintered - sacrifice a shield to block all damage from one single hit.

  6. Buy back dead characters XP (for the players new one) if they spend 1 GP per XP on the funeral.

  7. The Specialist Class from Lamentations of the Flame Princess (instead of the OSE thief and skills)

  8. Wrestling from Ten Foot Polemic’s House Rule Document.

  9. Spell failure from B/X Options.

… will be adding to this list as more things come up.

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